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Mar 2020

March 23, 2020

March 23, 2020

Trump Eyes Ending Lockdown Measures And Re-Opening Businesses Even As Killer Pandemic Rages; Move Would Exalt Profits And GOP Campaign Strategy Over The Lives Of Working People; Twelve States Now Sheltering In Place, Including West Virginia; Anti-Fauci Clique Emerges Among White House Obscurantists As Scientists Criticize Trump’s Abuse Of Daily White House Briefings; Don Said To Refuse Use Of Defense Production Act Because He Fears Blurring His “Socialism” Attack On Biden; At Least One Death Reported In Case of Self-Medication From Chloroquine, The Home Remedy Touted By Trump; BoJo Orders UK Shutdown Enforced By Police; Biden Challenges Regime On Youtube;

Senate Democrats Again Stop Moscow Mitch’s Omnibus Bailout Bill; Measure Would Let Foreclosure Artist Mnuchin Preside Over $500 Billion Slush Fund With No Accountability And No Disclosures For Six Months; Pelosi Bill Should Include Maxine Waters Plan For Making Federal Reserve Pay For Bigger Checks To Families!

Federal Reserve Announces Cash Payouts To Wall Street From Quantitative Easing Will Be Literally Unlimited; $300 Billion Thrown As Sop To Main Street And Small Businesses; More Lending Facilities Opened In Bid To Prop Up Bloated Speculative Values; Dow Falls 582 Points Anyway;

Lessons From The Death Agony Of Germany’s Weimar Republic (1930-1933) Applied To The Democratic Primary: The Danger Of Ideological Sectarianism And The Imperative Of The United Front