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Mar 2020

March 21, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

March 21, 2020

Networks Focus On Pro-Oligarch Mnuchin Stimulus, But Americans Are Better Served By Detailed 5-Page List Of Anti-Crisis Measures Issued By Rep Maxine Waters Of House Financial Services Committee: Centerpiece Is $2,000 Per Adult And $1,000 Per Child Paid Out Monthly By FEDERAL RESERVE!

Cuomo, Newsome, Pritzker, Hogan, And Other Governors, Plus County Executives And Mayors Seize Initiative To Fill Leadership Void; Washington Must Commandeer Hotels (Including Trump’s) And Dormitories For Sick And Homeless; Long Disregard Of Hill-Burton Act Standard Of 4.5 Beds Per 1,000 Population Must Finally Be Reversed With 1,000 Hospitals Paid For By Federal Reserve; GOP Senate Swamp Creatures Burr, Loeffler, And Inhofe Accused Of De Facto Insider Trading; Scandal Can Help Flip Senate In November And Send Moscow Mitch Packing; Momentum Growing For Extinction Of Trump Republican Party As National Political Force; Fight Chinese Big Lie Propaganda Or Lose Europe To Tyrant Xi!

US Engulfed By Life And Death Crisis Of Hospital Supplies And Beds; Trump Still Refuses To Declare Italian-Style Nationwide Lockdown And To Issue Specific Orders Under Defense Production Act For Tests, Masks, Breathing Machines, And Other Personal Protection Equipment, Prefabricated Modular Hospitals, And Other Needs; Under DPA, President Must ORDER Items With Backup Of Criminal Penalties, Not Beg Approval From Businessmen; Trump’s Acts As Weak Puppet Executive; World War II Mobilization Was Delayed By Private Sector Roosevelt-Haters; Calls Raised to Stop Live Broadcast Of White House Briefings Perverted By Don For Disinformation!