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Mar 2020

March 19, 2020

March 20, 2020

Rep. Maxine Waters Proposes $2,000 Per Adult And $1,000 Per Child Each Month In Emergency Assistance To American Families Paid For Out Of The Instantaneous And Bottomless Pockets Of THE FEDERAL RESERVE For The Duration Of The Crisis!; This Is The Most Radical And Effective Measure So Far, With The Potential To Conscript The Fed Into Financing Entire Recovery, Not Just Bailouts For Zombie Bankers; Next Comes Fed 0% Financing For 1,000 Urgently Needed Hospitals!

Moscow Mitch Wants To Lowball Cash Assistance Payments To 70 Million Low-Income Taxpayers In GOP’s Brand X Stimulus Plan;

Speaker Pelosi Demands That Trump Actually Activate The Defense Production Act To Order Massive Quantities Of Tests, Personal Protective Equipment, Ventilators, And Components; Trump Dithering Between Kushner’s “Shadow Task Force” And Mnuchin’s Free Market Predators As Competing Chains Of Command; Trump Whines That He Is No “Shipping Clerk”;

Politically Correct Media And Politicians Object To Identifying Wuhan, Hubei, China As The Source Of The Current Viral Epidemic; Beijing Slander Campaign To Blame U.S. Continues; But Truth Matters: Don’t Cede China Issue To Trump For November!

Boeing And Many Airlines Have Squandered The 2017 GOP Tax Scam On Stock Buybacks And Now Want Bailouts; Nationalize Them In The Public Interest!