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Mar 2020

March 18, 2020

March 19, 2020

Incorrigible Trump Finally Activates Defense Production Act, But Is Incapable Of Issuing A Single Production Order For Equipment Urgently Needed To Fight Wuhan Coronavirus; U.S. Hospital System Is About To Be Overwhelmed By Exploding Case Load; Trump’s Briefing Is Hopelessly Vague, Long On Self-Congratulatory Hype, Short On Facts And Numbers; Wall Street Votes No Confidence With Sharp Crash Triggering Trading Halt As Briefing Ends; Tenant Protections Announced Are Limited To HUD Housing!

U.S. Must Institute Financial Standstill With Full Nationwide Ban On Farm and Business Foreclosures, Evictions, And Utility Cutoffs; Freeze All Medical Bills, Mortgages, Rents, Credit Card And Auto Loan Payments; All For A Year Or The Duration Of The Crisis;

One Hospital Ship On Each Coast Cannot Replace Full Mobilization Of Armed Forces To Provide Field Hospitals And Other Equipment; If Hotels Are Going Broke, Seize Them From Owners For Use By Sick And Homeless And Pay The Workers!

Biden Wins Convincing Victories In Florida, Illinois, And Arizona Primaries And Now Leads By About 300 Delegates; Ohio Gov. DeWine Illegally Calls Off Vote In His State