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Mar 2020

March 17, 2020

March 18, 2020

Tax Wall Street Party Supports Sherrod Brown-Cory Booker-Michael Bennet Plan To Give Up To $18,000 In Cash Assistance To A Family Of Four Through End Of Year; Mnuchin’s Lowball Plan For $1,000 Per Person Is Clearly Insufficient As Treasury Threatens 20% Unemployment; 

After Days Of Stalling, Moscow Mitch Tells His GOP Members To “Gag” And Back Pelosi’s Bill To Help Low-Income Workers, But No Vote Yet; 

Fed Revives 2008 Primary Dealer Credit Facility, A Consortium Of 24 Bond Dealers Who Help Float Treasury Issues, Hoping Now To Assure Credit Flow Into Big Financial Institutions Using Stocks, Bonds, And Corporate Debt As Collateral; New York Fed Offers Another $500 Billion In Repo Liquidity To Wall Street Banks After $1 Trillion Offered On Monday; Invoking 13 (3) Of Fed Rules, Up To $1 Trillion Is Made Available To Support 3-Month Commercial Paper; Short-Covering Rally Gains 1,049 After Briefly Dippinmg Below 20,000-

Trump Drops Vapid “Risk Is Low” Mantra To Pose As Anti-Pandemic Warrior; Unqualified Kushner Has Been His Svengali; Don Upstaged By Cuomo And Other Governors; White House Reported Shocked By UK Reports Foreseeing 8 Million Hospitalizations Plus 250,000 Deaths In UK, And Over 1 Million Deaths In US; 

US Must Ban Foreclosures, Evictions, And Utility Cutoffs; Commandeer Empty Hotel Rooms (Including Trump’s!) For The Needy!

Neoliberal Globalization In Full Retreat: Is Italy’s Nationalization Of Alitalia The First Of Many?

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