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Mar 2020

March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020

Federal Reserve Tries To Prop Up Markets, But Three-Trillion Dollar Cash Infusion Can’t Bring Calm; Dow Crashes 2,997 For Worst Point Loss Ever And Second Biggest Percentage Loss After October 1987 Crash; VIX Hits High Above 82; In Ominous Sign, Fed Offers $1 Trillion In Two Repo Injections But Only $40 Billion Is Claimed; Elated On Sunday, Trump Is Depressed After Fed Magic Fails!

Wallowing In His Colossal Malfeasance, Trump Tells Nation’s Governors They Are On Their Own When It Comes To Procuring Ventilators For Wuhan Coronavirus Victims, But Still Claims A Perfect Score; No Mention Of Defense Production Act Or Well-Established Pentagon Procurement System; Cuomo Seizes The Initiative By Locking Down New York State, Including Public Schools, In Cooperation With Connecticut And New Jersey; Demands US Army Set Up Mobile Field Hospitals In Parking Lots To Surge Hospital ; Connecticut Has 200 Nurses Waiting In Quarantine For Tests That Would Let Most Of Them Return To Work; Moscow Mitch Stalls Vote On Pelosi’s Emergency Aid Bill For Workers; When All Else Fails, Try 0% Fed Credit For Public Works, Production, And Job Creation!

Biden’s Commitment To Emergency Action vs Pandemic Is High Point Of Debate With Sanders; Ohio’s Governor DeWine Tries To Postpone Democratic Primary Until June, But This Maneuver Is Stopped By Judge; Biden Set To Clobber Bernie In Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Arizona