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Mar 2020

March 14, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

March 14, 2020

Fearing Defeat In November Election, Trump Is Forced To Declare State Of National Emergency Against Wuhan Coronavirus Under Stafford Act; Long Overdue Measure Should Provide $40-$50 Billion In Resources And Fully Engage FEMA In Relief Efforts; Trump Raves That He Does Not Bear Responsibility For Crisis Because Of “Set Of Circumstances”; US Still Backward In Testing, But The Buck Always Stops Elsewhere!

Trump And House GOP Also Cave To Political Pressure To Pass Pelosi Emergency Aid Bill By 363-40; Measure Provides Free Testing, Paid Sick Leave And Paid Family And Medical Leave For Hourly Workers, More Jobless Benefits, Enhanced School Lunches And Meals On Wheels; 40 Tea Party Reactionaries Vote No Pence Ally Seema Verma’s Stalling Sabotages Key Role Of Medicaid In Fighting Virus; GOP Still Fighting Medicaid Expansion At Heart Of Obamacare;

Federal Reserve Pumps Out Nearly $2 Trillion To Bail Out Crisis-Ridden Repo Market Serving Wall Street Zombie Banks; Sum Would Allow Freezing Of All Student Loan Debt At 0% Interest, Or Rebuilding 40% Of Crumbling US Infrastructure;

After Week Of Stock Market Carnage Marking Collapse Of Trump Bubble And Start Of Bear Market, Friday’s Short Covering Rally Helped By Repo Money Lifts Dow By About 2,000 Points;

Having Inflicted Pandemic On World, Chinese Communists Begin Big Lie Campaign To Blame United States For Outbreak!

Breaking: Republic Of China (ROC) On Taiwan Response To Wuhan Coronavirus Sets Example For World Despite Location Close To Chinese Mainland With Only 50 Cases And One Death Thanks To Lightning Response And Meticulous Screening; Spain Starts Italian-Style Lockdown