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Mar 2020

March 11, 2020

March 12, 2020

After Much Stalling, World Health Organization Finally Declares Wuhan Coronavirus A Pandemic; Fauci of NIH Forecasts Situation Will Get Worse In US; Dow Jones Average, Off 20% From Recent Highs, Enters Bear Market; Will Trump Now Finally Declare A National Emergency To Free Up Extra Funds for Health and Jobless Benefits?

Dow Crashes 1,465 Points, Ending 11-Year Old Bull Market; In Bank Bailout, Federal Reserve Increases Daily Repo Cash Injections To $175 Billion, Plus $45 Billion In 14-Day Repos Twice A Week And Three One-Month Loans Of $50 Billion Each, For A Total Of $270 Billion To Be Pumped Out On Thursday; 

Trump Hosts Wall Street Zombie Bankers To Peddle Big Lie That There Is No Financial Crisis, Blaming Everything On Pandemic And Russian-Saudi Oil Price Manipulation; In Reality, Main Cause Of Incipient Depression Is Trump Himself, Via 2017 #GOPTaxScam And Stock Buy-Backs By Corporations, Wild Deregulation, And Fed Repo Injections In Excess Of $7 Trillion Since Mid-September

Federal Reserve Must Finance 1,000 Modern Hospitals, Including Inner Cities and Rural Areas; Goal Is to Meet Standard of 4.5 Hospital Beds Per Thousand Population Set by 74 Years Ago by 1946 Hill-Burton Law; After Closings Due to Wall Street Predators, US Now Has 2.77 Beds Per Thousand Population, Placing The Country as Number 32 Among OECD and Other Leading Nations, Far Behind Japan (13.05), Russia (8.05), And Germany (8); US Also Needs 200,000 Medical Doctors; 

Biden Wins Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, And Idaho with Coalition of Black Voters Plus College and Non-College Whites; Sanders Takes North Dakota; Washington Still Too Close to Call