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Mar 2020

March 9, 2020

March 10, 2020

Dow Falls 2,014 Amid Near-Panic Selling For Worst Point Drop Ever On Oil Price Collapse, Coronavirus Spread, And Crisis Of Confidence In Trump Regime; Wall Street Banks Fall 10%; American Oil Companies Rack Up Big Losses; 10-Year Treasury Touches Record Low 0.4% Yield; Entire Yield Curve Under 1%; Stock Speculators Howl For Zero Interest Rates (ZIRP) From Fed;

Fed Raises Overnight Repo Injection Guidelines From $100 Billion To $150 Billion To Meet Highest Demand Since Mid-September; $113 Billion Lent Today; Two Week Repos Go From $20 Billion To $45 Billion; Fed Set To Increase Monthly Balance Sheet Operations;

Oil Plunges 24% In Worst Day Since 1991 Gulf War; Suspicions Mount Of Russian Economic Warfare By Putin Against US As Number One Energy Producer; Still Smarting From Rosneft Sanctions, Dictator Wants To Wipe Out US Fracking Sector To Rack Up A Win On Eve Of April 22 Referendum To Prolong His One-Man Rule As Prime Minister; Federal Reserve, FDIC, Comptroller Of The Currency And Other Regulators Urge Forbearance To Keep Distressed Debtors Above Water; 

Italian Premier Conte Declares Entire Country Under COVID-19 Quarantine Protection, With All Persons Told To Say At Home Except For Work Or Emergencies; All Sports Events And Public Gatherings Canceled; Measure Expands Lockdown Of 16 Million In Milan-Venice Area Of Northern Italy Ordered Over Weekend; Personal Space Of One Meter Instituted;

On 11-Year Anniversary Of Launching Post-Lehman Bull Market, Wall Street About To Flip Into Trump Bear If Dow Drops Just 210 To 23,641 And S&P Falls A Mere 38 To 2747; Trump’s Insufferable Stock Market Demagogy Untenable!