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Mar 2020

March 5, 2020

March 6, 2020

With Spotlight On Democratic Race, Trump Is Increasingly Hooverized By Two Colossal Failures: Coronavirus And The Stock Market; US Now Has 220 Cases And 12 Fatalities, Not The Zero Cases Trump Promised; Public Health Effort Increasingly Crippled By Lack Of Test Kits; Trump Is Wholly Responsible But Still Tries To Blame Obama; When Will Trump Start Blaming Xi, Author Of The Belt And Road Pandemic ?; After Raving Statements, Calls Raised For Trump To Shut Up!

Dow Falls 970 As Trump Bubble Keeps Deflating; Demand For Fed’s Repo Cash Injections Tops $100 Billion On Tuesday And Wednesday, Pointing To Liquidity Crisis/Cash Crunch; 10-Year Note Slips Below 0.9% For First Time In History;

Schumer Delivers Much-Needed Warning To Supreme Court Reactionary Clique, Who Believe They Can Trample On Ninth Amendment; Will A Switch In Time Save Nine?

Questioned By Maddow, Bernie Cannot Defend His Promise Of Victory Through Massive Turnout; Ocasio-Cortez Candidates Fail In Primaries; In March 10 Michigan Primary, Gov. Whitmer Endorses Biden, Who Opens Commanding Leads In Florida And Missouri; Warren Drops Out, Undercut By Her Attempt To Make Policy Sense Out Of Bernie’s Single Payer Dogma

Breaking: In Fox Town Hall, Trump Says “We’ll Be Cutting” When Asked About The Future Of Entitlements Like Social Security And Medicare In Second Term