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Mar 2020

March 4, 2020

March 5, 2020

Biden Scores Surprise Upset Over Sanders In Super Tuesday Primaries, Taking Ten Of Fourteen States; Former Vice President Now Ahead In Delegate Count By About 65 Votes; Bernie’s Entire Strategy Disrupted; Bloomberg Bows Out, Pledging His Organization And Resources To Defeat Trump; Virginia Voter Turnout Nearly Doubles, But To Biden’s Benefit, Refuting Sanders’ Theory That Bigger Turnout Means More Votes For Him; California Results Look Better For Bernie Because So Many Dropout Candidates Remained On Ballot; Democrats Must Respect Preference Of Black Community, Who Remain Unconvinced By Sanders;

Ignoring Urgent Threat Of Fascist Dictatorship, Sanders Wants A Referendum On Biden’s Past Votes, Not Defending Democracy; No Mention Of China Threat, National Defense, Rebuilding Alliances, Or Nationalizing Federal Reserve; Relevant Question: Why Strip 150 Million Americans Of Health Insurance And Then Coerce Them Into Joining Bernie’s Single Payer?

Action Now Shift To Michigan Next Tuesday, Where Biden Leads Sanders By 6%; In Florida, Sanders Trails By 22%; Biden Strongest Dem Against Trump By 5.1%;

California Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus Pandemic; Trump Still Failing To Deliver Adequate Supply Of Test Kits; Pence Sidekick Seema Verma Must Answer For 11 Deaths In Seattle Nursing Home!