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Mar 2020

March 2, 2020

March 3, 2020

After Biden’s Win In South Carolina, A Process Of Democratic Party Unification Around Biden Begins With Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and O’Rourke; Obama Reported Sending Up “Smoke Signals” Of Support For Biden; United Front Is Needed For Democratic Party Unification; To Succeed, United Front Must Include All Who Have Competed In This Year’s Race; Cabinet And White House Posts With Real Power Must Be Equitably Distributed, With Special Regard For Bernie Sanders And His Faction; Main Agreement Must Be To Work Hard For Democratic Nominee Against Trump; Keep In Mind That The Penalty For Failure Is Fascist Dictatorship; Trump Claims Coup Against Bernie, Incites Bernie Backers To Join GOP Phalanx; 

Dow Rises 1,300 Or 5% In Biggest Single Day Point Gain Ever; Result Combines Usual Short Covering Rally With Updrafting By Plunge Protection Team, Perhaps Using New York Fed’s $100 Billion Per Day Repo Funding Spigot; If Coronavirus Is Limited Outside Of China, OECD Sees Meager World Economic Growth Of 2.4% This Year, Down From 2.9 In 2019; US Set To Stagnate At 1.9, Far Below Trump’s Promises!

Coronavirus Czar Pence Ominously Brings His Health Care Austerity Enforcer Seema Verma To Briefing Room, Where Something Far Less Than The Whole Truth Is Exhibited; But Will Trump Dump Pence From Ticket In Favor Of Nikki Haley?