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Mar 2020

February 29, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

March 1, 2020

Ending Worst Week Since 2008, Wall Street Trims Losses From Over 1,000 To 357 Late Friday After Fed’s Powell Dangles Rate Cut, No Doubt With Help From PPT; Financiers Want Tax Cuts And Lower Rates, But US Needs Defense Production Act And New Reconstruction Finance Corporation; Europe Sinks Further Into Correction; El Erian Fears Markets Will Freeze Up Despite Expected Rate Cut; Scaramucci Says Word On Wall Street Is “Go To Cash”; Vix At 40, US 10-Year At 116% !

Beware Of Apologists Sold Out To Beijing: World Owes Nothing To Xi But The Origin Of Belt And Road Pandemic; Team Of Rivals/United Front Strategy For Democrats To Defeat Trump Now Discussed In Many Quarters; Party Statesmanship Needed To Convince Feuding Independent Contractor Candidates And Sectarian Activists;

In The Midst Of Trump’s Katrina, Are American Voters Looking For A Competent Crisis Manager With Executive Experience To Replace The Current Clown Car?

Breaking: At SC Rally, Trump Labels Coronavirus A “Hoax” Shortly Before First US Victim Dies In Washington State