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Feb 2020

February 27, 2020

February 28, 2020

In Dramatic Vote Of No Confidence In Trump Regime’s Mismanagement Of Coronavirus, Dow Falls An All-Time Record 1191 Points, Reaching Losses Of 3,200 In Worst Week Since 2008 World Derivatives Panic; Market Dives 12% From Record Highs Just 10 Days Ago, Marking Quickest Descent From Top To Correction Territory In History; All Indices Are Down; 10 Year Treasury Note Interest Touches 1.24%; VIX Fear Index Over 39; Defense Production Act On The Agenda;

Dow Futures Turned Negative During Trump’s Catastrophic Press Conference Yesterday; Administration’s New Coronavirus Czar Is Pence, Whose Bigotry Made An HIV Outbreak In Rural Indiana Much Worse By Blocking Delivery Of Sterile Needles; With One Eye On Trump’s Approval Ratings And Dow, Pence Will Now Censor Statements Of Competent Officials Like Fauci Of NIS And Shucat Of CDC; Does Trump Intend To Saddle Pence With Looming Catastrophe And Remove Him From Ticket?

Breaking: In New Low Point Of Trump’s Incompetence, HHS Whistleblower Reports That US Officials Sent To Wuhan To Rescue American Victims Lacked Training And Equipment, And Were Not Quarantined Upon Return!