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Feb 2020

February 26, 2020

February 27, 2020

Beware “Operation Chaos”: GOP Reactionaries In South Carolina Crossing Over To Democratic Primary To Vote For Bernie Sanders; Sabotage Tactic Builds On 2008 Wrecking Operation By Rush Limbaugh Aiming At Weakening The Democratic Ticket; Republicans See Bernie As The Weakest General Election Candidate; Current Op Gets Full Backing From Trump Fanatics On Fox News; Was This Same Method Already Practiced Used In Iowa, New Hampshire, And Nevada?

Biden Gets Key Endorsement From Rep James Clyburn, The Third Ranking Democrats In The House Democratic Leadership;

Trump Reported Enraged By CDC Briefing Given Yesterday By Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Who Bravely Warned Americans That Coronavirus Is Coming And Could Be Bad; Should Americans Die To Preserve Trump’s Approval Ratings Or His Wall Street Bubble?

More Press Discussion About Promoting Unity Of Democratic Party: Best American Tradition Is 1860 Abraham Lincoln Team Of Rivals, Put Into Action On Eve Of Secession By Lincoln With The Help Of Cabinet Members Seward, Chase, Welles, And Other Major Figures; Lincoln’s Devotion To Joint Effort Also Shown Through 1864 Unity Ticket; FDR’s Emergency National Unity;Government After 1940 Fall Of France Featured Republicans Stimson And Knox; Thomas L. Friedman’s Proposal In NYT;

Pence Appointed Coronavirus Czar: God Help Us!