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Feb 2020

February 25, 2020

February 26, 2020

Centers For Disease Control Alerts US Public That Coronavirus Is Coming And That Preparations Must Be Made Now, Triggering New 880-Point Wall Street Selloff; Briefing On Hill By HHS Boss Azar Alarms Senators; Pandemic Continues To Spread: In Italy, Florence And Sicily Report Infections; In Iran, Top Health Official Falls Ill; New Cases In Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, And Spain; World Health Organization Reps In Beijing Offer Obscene Praise To Tyrant Xi For Quality Of Chinese Response-Although He Stalled Reporting For Weeks; Trump Is Downplaying Threat To Avoid Shocks To Stock Market; 

Trump’s Malfeasance Includes Destroying the Irreplaceable Epidemic Response Teams Of National Security Council And Department Of Homeland Security While Cutting The CDC Budget By 40% And National Institutes Of Health By Similar Amount; 

Dr Irwin Redlener Of Columbia Underlines Danger: WHO’s Declaration Of Pandemic Is Overdue Due To Political Pressure And Must Be Made Immediately; Chinese Statistics Are Fake; US Has No Reliable Test For Virus, No Effective Vaccine, And No Treatment;

Don The Con Raves That “Coronavirus Is Very Much Under Control In The USA” And “Stock Market Looks Very Good”; Kudlow Lies That Virus Is Now Under “Airtight Containment”; 

Wall Street Losses Undermine Trump’s Biggest Lie About Booming Economy; Democratic Candidate Will Benefit!