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Feb 2020

WCR February 22, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

February 23, 2020

Dictatorship Of Trump Looms Over Washington DC; Mini-Duce Asserts Un-American “Right” To Supervise All Department Of Justice Investigations, Including Of Himself; Night Of The Long Knives Purge In State Apparatus Continues; Coronavirus In Relentless Expansion, Making A Mockery Of Trump’s Kowtow To Tyrant Xi; With Grenell At ODNI, US Intelligence Is Decapitated And Blind;

“Westlessness” Has Infected Democratic Party, With Scarce Interest In World Strategy And Foreign Policy; Time To Repair Wrecked Alliances;

US Intel Officials Reportedly Informed Sanders A Month Ago That Moscow Has Been Supporting His Campaign; Pattern Repeats 2016 Race, Where Mueller Found Kremlin Favored Bernie Among Democrats; Reasons For Lack Of Public Announcement Unclear; Why Would Putin Choose To Back Bernie?

Cease Fire Takes Effect In Afghanistan, But Will It Last?; At Democratic Nation Convention Scheduled For Milwaukee On July 13-16, Rules Prescribe A Second And Subsequent Ballots As Needed Until A Candidate Receives The Required Absolute Majority Of 1991 Delegate Votes; Rule Of Law Begins At Home; No Acclamations-

In Weimar Germany 1930-1933, Failure Of Two Largest Left Parties To Form United Front Was Main Cause Of Nazi Seizure Of Power!