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Feb 2020

February 20, 2020

February 21, 2020

Democratic Candidates Fall Short In Fratricidal Las Vegas Debate; No Serious Discussion Of Defending Legality, Constitutional Government, And Due Process Against Gathering Trump Dictatorship; No Warnings Against Trump Attack On Medicare, Medicaid, And Obamacare; Supine Acceptance Of Trump’s Big Lie About Fake US Economic Miracle, Despite Ample Statistical Proof; In Particular, No Measures To Nationalize Federal Reserve In Service Of Real Recovery And Foreign Priorities, Nor To Roll Back Fed’s Gift Of $7 Trillion To New York Repo Market; No Awareness Of Coronavirus Epidemic As Made Worse By Lies Of Bungling Tyrant Xi;

Breaking: US Intelligence Under Aegis Of ODNI Maguire Warned House Leaders On Feb 13 That Russia Is Intervening In 2020 Election In Favor Of Trump; Dotard Went Bonkers When He Learned That Schiff Was Present; After Long Friction, Maguire Is Ousted; Unqualified Replacement Is Ambassador To Berlin Richard Grenell, The Boorish, Belligerent, And Deeply Resented Ambassador To Berlin; Grenell Is Now Supposed To Act As ODNI, Envoy To Germany, And Special Representative To Serbia And Kosovo!

In Nevada, Caucus For Candidate Shown By Most Polls To Have Best Chance Of Defeating Trump!