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Feb 2020

February 18, 2020

February 19, 2020

In Suspicious Reversal, Trump Proclaims US Is Open For Strategic Sellout: His Regime Will Freely Sell Sensitive Technologies To China And Other Enemies, Endangering American Lives In Future Conflicts; If Nothing Changes, Beijing Aggressors Will Get General Electric Jet Engines Interagency Experts Had Sought To Deny; Chipmakers Resent Ban On Sales To Huawei; China Appeasers Around Mnuchin Lobby For Demands Of Renegade CEOs; Critical Meeting Of February 28 Cabinet Meeting, Expected To Approve New Measures Against Huawei Technology Pirates, Plus Closure Of Loophole Used By Intel And Micron To Continue Deliveries, Now Called Off; In Two Tweets, Trump Mocks Regulations Being Developed By Congress; Key Obstacle To Chinese World Domination Seemingly Removed; Xi’s Colossal Human Rights Violations, With 3 Million Mainly Moslem Inmates In Concentration Camps In East Turkestan, Count For Little; 

Trump’s Latest Flip-Flop Calls For A Vigorous Campaign Of Lobbying And Pressure To Roll It Back; Infamously Labile Decider Must Hear Voice Of People Against Chinese Servitude; 

At Munich Security Conference, Pompeo And Esper Had Attempted To Convince Britain and Germany To Join Australia, Japan, And Poland In Turning Away From Subjection; These Efforts Now Undercut; 

Tax Wall Street Party Demands US Use Billions In 0% Federal Reserve Liquidity To Buy And Expand Ericsson And Nokia, Creating A Powerful Free World Counter To Huawei, Giving NATO Countries Large And Small An Alternative; But Mnuchin Cabal Wants To Rely On “Free Market” Against Communists!