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Feb 2020

February 15, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

February 15, 2020

New Illegal Quid Pro Quo: Trump Demands New York State Halt All Legal Actions And Investigations Against Him As The Price Of Restoring Trusted Traveler/Global Entry At New York Airports; Blatant Extortion In Broad Daylight Threatens Slide Into Dictatorship!

Growing Support Among Democrats For Declaring The Prevention Of One-Man Rule As The Overarching Theme Of The Next Presidential Debate On February 19 In Las Vegas;

No Time Left For Business As Usual With Trick Questions From Corporate Anchors And Endless Regurgitation Of Stump Speeches; Field Must Focus On Saving Democracy And The Rule Of Law As The Business At Hand;

Democrats Must Also Dial Back Cutthroat Competition Among Leaderless Group Of Candidates With Online Goons Blending With Russian Bots, And Set Up Criteria For Policies That Are Unacceptable: No More Reckless Talk Of Stripping 150 Million Health Insurance Policies Or Wiping Out Whole Industries In Next Decade; Historic Party Leaders Should Convene A Steering Committee To Provide Standards And Guidance;

Democrats Must Apply Class-Based Test: No Regressive Taxation And No Increase In Financial Burdens On Middle Class And Working Class; Make Wall Street Pay!

For Black History Month, Visit Washington’s African-American Civil War Memorial At U Street Metro, Which Displays The Names Of 209,145 Black Soldiers Who Made Up 175 Regiments That Fought For The Union!