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Feb 2020

February 13, 2020

February 14, 2020

Trump The Avenger: Rogue Tenant Of Oval Fixated On Purge Of Officials Who Have Not Sold Out To Him And The Berserker Personality Cult In White House;

Last Week Don Attacked State Department And NSC; This Week Has Been The Turn Of Department Of Justice; Pentagon May Be Next; U.S. Government Crippled By Troubled Mind; Barr Whines That Insulting Tweets Make His Job Impossible; Barr Is A Confessed Nihilist Who Must Be Ousted To Restore Public Confidence; DC Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson Should Use Roger Stone Sentencing To Demand Answers From Barr, DoJ, And White House About Trump’s Intrigues In Case;

Senate Re-Affirms War Powers Act To Ward Off Future Conflicts With Iran, 55-45; Eight Republicans Join All The Democrats; Isolated Trump Promises A Veto; Kelly Defends Vindman For Refusing An Unlawful Order, Suggests Trump Is Dupe Of North Korea’s Kim: Summitry Is Futile; 

Centrist House Democrats Fear Bloodbath If Bernie Gets Nomination; Dems Should Follow Lincoln In Seeking A Cabinet That Represents All Factions; Las Vegas Culinary Workers Endorse Themselves And Their Cadillac Health Plan, Scorning Current Lackluster Democratic Field!

Breaking: Trump Blurts That His Suspension Of Global Entry Program At New York Airports Is Impeachable, Designed To Extort End Of State’s Subpoena Efforts To Get His Tax Returns And Other Info!