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Feb 2020

February 11, 2020

February 12, 2020

Trump’s FY 2021 Budget Is Game Plan For Killer Austerity Against The American People; Orgy Of Cuts Would Permanently Cripple And Impoverish U.S.; Democrats Must Guarantee This Obscene Package Will Be Dead On Arrival In Congress;

Question For The Dictator: If Your Economy Is So Successful, Why Not Expand Vital Investments And Services, Rather Than Reduce Them? Why Are You Cutting Anything?

Most Genocidal Are The Cutbacks In Health Care: Medicare, Medicaid, And Obamacare Would Shrink By Almost $2 Trillion Over Ten Years; Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) Would Be Gutted; Food Stamps Would Lose $181 Million; Help In Paying Down Student Loans Reduced By $170 Billion; But Don Holds Out For $1.4 Billion In Tax Cuts For The Rich And Wants Billions From U.S. Taxpayers For His Wall; Fearless Corruption Fighter Tries To Strip Ukraine Of $17 Million From International Narcotics Control And Law Enforcement!; Despite Coronavirus Pandemic, Trump Demands $3 Billion In Cuts From National Institutes Of Health, While Centers For Disease Control Funding Would Shrink By 16%; 

Among The Few Positive Points: $108 Billion In Pentagon R&D; NASA Outlays Would Rise To $25.2 Billion To Include Return Of Humans To Moon With Artemis Program, But Wide Field Infrared Survey Space Telescope And National Cancer Institute Would Be Slashed;

Federal Prosecutor In Roger Stone Case Quits In Protest Against Barr’s Intrigues To Let Trump Crony Off Easy; Three Other Federal Attorneys Also Leave Case; Sanders And Buttigieg Lead In New Hampshire