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Feb 2020

February 10, 2020

February 11, 2020

In Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary, Get A Democratic Ballot And Vote For The Candidate Who Will Be Most Effective In Beating Trump; This Is No Time For Childish Fantasies Of Utopia As Hell Gapes Before Us;

Hideous Reality Of Blue Collar Boom: Trump’s FY 2021 Budget Is Massive Betrayal Of His 2016 Campaign Promises: Proposal Calls For Killer Cuts In Food Stamps (SNAP), Housing Assistance, And Support For Education; Demand For Slave Labor, Including By The Disabled, To Get Food Stamps Will Throw 700,000 Needy American Off The Rolls; 

Rental Assistance From Ben Carson’s Department Of Housing And Urban Development Will Be Slashed By More Than 15%, Increasing Homelessness; Welfare Payments (Temporary Assistance For Needy Families, TANF) To Be Lowered By 10%; Social Security Disability Insurance Set To Be Devastated By $75 Billion In Cuts, Weakening Social Security Itself; And Don’t Forget Trump’s Davos Plan For Savage Cuts To Medicare To Speed Program’s 2024 Insolvency!; Dem Candidates Must Pound These Points, Exploiting Monumental Stupidity Of White House In Announcing Them!

New Austerity Program Follows GOP Tax Scam Of 2 Years Ago, Which Helped Rich Plutocrats And Large Corporations But Left $1 Trillion Deficit; Just Another GOP Austerity Ghoul: Trump Falls Back On Classic GOP Litany Of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse To Camouflage His Genocidal Austerity Policy!