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Feb 2020

Feburary 8, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

February 8, 2020

Death Toll From Wuhan Coronavirus Surpasses That Of 2003 SARS Pandemic; Xi Regime Sends Out Quarantine Squads; China To U.S. Flights Continue As Trump Kow-Tows To Xi’s Phase One Blackmail; 

No Blue Collar Boom, But A Bubble Close To Bursting: Wall Street’s Demands For Subsidized 14-Day Repo Money Exceed Offerings From New York Fed On Tuesday And Thursday; Suspicions Grow That a Zombie Bank May Be Approaching Insolvency; Total Cash Injections To Ward Off Liquidity Crunch Now At $6.7 Trillion;

Democrats Must Stop Squawking And Show Voters That Under Trump, It Will Be Medicare For None 2024; 

Carville “Scared To Death” Of Democratic Primary Outcome: Defeat Of Trump Is Only Issue -- Everything Else Depends On His Ouster; House Takeover In 2018 Based On Moderate Left Candidates With Stress On Saving Obamacare; Then Press Went Crazy For AOC; Urban Core Of Party Not Enough; Bernie Set To Duplicate December’s Tragic Failure Of Jeremy Corbin Of British Labor Party; Open Borders Not Practical; Warren Mysteriously Decided To Tail After Bernie On Medicare For All; Dems Must Choose Between Ideological Cult And Majority Party Capable Of Taking Power!