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Feb 2020

February 6, 2020

February 7, 2020

Coronavirus Expanding Rapidly Thanks To Leadership Vacuum; World Mourns Heroic Chinese Doctor From Wuhan Who Tried To Warn Humanity Of Looming Scourge But Was Arrested By Dictator Xi’s Secret Police; Trump Has Plenty Of Time To Wallow In Self Pity And Issue Threats Against His Opponents, But No Time To Halt Flights From China To U.S.;

Trump’s East Room Performance Packed With Sinister Threats To Romney, Pelosi, And Americans In All Walks Of Life; His Enemies’ List Is Getting Longer; Some Think Of Erdogan’s Speech After Failed Coup Of July 2016; Others Heard Echoes Of Mussolini’s First Speech (“Discorso Del Bivacco”) To Parliament As Prime Minister On November 16 1922, When He Told The Chamber, “I Could Have Made This Dark And Dull Hall Into A Camp Ground For My Militia” Opening The Doors With A Crowbar; Trump’s Pinned Tweet Gif Seems To Predict An Eternal Regime; But Recent Attempt At Thousand Year Reich Turned Out Rather Poorly;

Did Pro-Trump Hooligans On Scurrilous Website Run Denial Of Service Attack On Feckless Iowa Democratic Party?

Beware Superficiality Of Corporate Media: In Real World, Trump’s Popularity Is Well BELOW 50%; U.S. Economy Is A Crack Addict Powered By To $50 To $60 Billion Per Day In Repo Injections And $60 Per Month In Quantitative Easing IV, Totaling Near $7 Trillion Since Mid-September!