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Feb 2020

February 5, 2020

February 6, 2020

Moscow Mitch And His Corrupt And Blackmailed GOP Senate Majority Fail To Render Impartial Injustice Against High Crimes Of Trump; First Article On Abuse Of Power Fails By 48-52, With Romney Joining All Democrats; Second Article On Obstruction Of Congress Defeated On Straight Party Line Vote Of 47-53; Manchin, Sinema, And Jones Vote With Dems; Collins Deserves Defeat For Claiming Incorrigible Trump Has Learned His Lesson;

In State Of The Union Address, Trump Raves About Best U.S. Economy In History; But His Job Creation Record Over Three Years Lags Behind Obama’s By Over A Million; Another Big Problem For Trump’s Blue Collar Boom Fairy Tale Is That Manufacturing Sector Is Now Mired In A Recession Which The Compliant Media Have Hardly Reported; 

Telegraphing His Attack Line For November Election, Trump Assails “132 Socialist Democrats” For Wanting To Strip Health Care From 150 Million Americans; Reckless Single Payer Rhetoric Is Vulnerability GOP Is Sure To Attack;

In New Theater Of The Absurd, Moscow Mitch Poses As Guardian Against Factional Fever Of Turbulent House Of Representatives; 

World Health Organization, Under Massive Pressure From Beijing Maoists, Says World Should Thank China For Slowing Wuhan Epidemic; Trump Fails To End China Flights; U.S. Must Take Lead In Worldwide Marshall Plan To Vanquish Pandemics!