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Feb 2020

February 4, 2020

February 5, 2020

Trump’s State Of The Union Address Based On Big Lies About U.S. Economy, Which Will Be The Centerpiece Of His Demagogic 2020 Campaign!; His Fable Of A Blue Collar Boom Is A Complete Hallucination; Notice That He Never Gives Exact Numbers!

Despite Trump’s Claims, Average Weekly Earnings Are Completely Stagnant; His 47% Comparative Increase In Blue Collar Assets Exaggerates An Absolute Increase Of Less Than 1%; Trump’s Killer Austerity Includes Making Medicaid Into Block Grants, Robbing Americans Of An Entitlement And Opening Door To More Cuts; He Cuts Food Stamps For Millions Who Still Need Them, With 700, 000 To Get The Axe This Spring; 

Very Ominous: Cavorting With His Fellow Wealthy Parasites In Davos, Trump Showed Enthusiasm For Cutting Medicare; With Medicare Nearing Insolvency By 2024, Further Cuts May Reflect Trump’s Intent To Force Medicare Into Bankruptcy On His Watch Through Budget Austerity!

Trump’s Wall Street Bubble Is Moribund: New York Fed Injecting $50 Billion/Day Into Repo Market, With Total Approaching $7 Trillion!

Garbled Results Of Iowa Democratic Caucuses Leave Democratic Race Much As Before; Final Third Of Vote Count Could Help Biden; Super-Slick Victory Speech By Buttigieg Raises Suspicions Of Manchurian Candidate