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Feb 2020

February 3, 2020

February 4, 2020

House Democratic Managers Wrap Up Case Against Tyrant; GOP Lawyers Repeat Infamous Lies And Sophistries; Short Statements From Individual Senators Ensue; Final Vote Expected On Wednesday; Manchin Asks Senate To Censure Trump, Who Would Become Second Tenant Of White House To Be Condemned By Senators; First Was Andrew Jackson, Censured For Refusal To Turn Over Secret Papers About Destruction Of Second Bank Of United States!

Reminder To Dems That Great Issue of 2020 Is Ousting Trump Regime, Not Affirming Ideological Purity; But Democratic Voters Made Furious By Crimes Of Trump And Moscow Mitch May Act Out By Backing Unelectable Candidates; Compare This To 1972, When Democrats Antagonized By Nixon’s Foreign War, Domestic Repression, And Economic Breakdown, Chose Unviable Sen. McGovern, Who Racked Up Biggest Landslide Defeat In U.S. History; Nixon’s Watergate Break-In Reflected His Fear Of Pro-Labor Sen. Edmund Muskie Of Maine; Resulting Cycle Elected Carter, Whose Bungling Regime Set The Stage For A Generation Of Reactionary GOP Rule Starting With Reagan-

Breaking: 61% Of Iowa Caucus-Goers Make Defeating Trump The Top Priority!