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Feb 2020

February 1, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

February 1, 2020

Senate Votes To Prevent Testimony By Bolton And Mulvaney By Vote Of 51 To 49, With Democrats Sticking Together; Worse Than Kafka: GOP Fanatics Admit Trump’s Ukraine Caper Was Impeachable, But Refuse To Seek Witnesses or Documentary Evidence; Bolton Memo Tells Of Early May 2019 Meeting Of Trump With Giuliani, Mulvaney, And Cipollone Where Tenant Of Oval Ordered NSC Director To Ask Ukraine’s President-Elect Zelensky For Meeting With Rudy; Bolton Claims He Never Complied; Cipollone Could Face Professional Sanctions; 

No Place For Republicans In America’s Future; Extinction On Model Of Federalists, Whigs, And Know-Nothings Looms; With Trump, The Smoking Gun Is Only As Far As the Next Witnesses, Says Schiff;

China’s Belt And Road Pandemic Keeps Spreading; WHO Director Tedros Ghebreyesus Of Ethiopia Widely Criticized For Pandering To Beijing; Appeaser Trump Still Allows Flights From China To U.S. Despite Rising Death Toll From Wuhan Coronavirus: “America First” Blowhard Sells Out Country To Dictator Xi For A Plate Of Soy Beans; China Must Shut Down Its Unsanitary “Wet Markets,” Incubators For This And Other Virulent New Strains; 

FINIS ANGLIAE: BoJo Regime Hurls United Kingdom Into Brexit Abyss; Macau On Thames Will Serve As Rogue State Banker For Russia, China, And Mafiya; Tell BoJo No Trade Deals Until He Turns Away From Huawei!