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Jan 2020

January 30, 2020

January 31, 2020

New Russian Premier Mishastin Closes 4,000km Land Border with China To Prevent Proliferation Of Wuhan Coronavirus; World Health Organization Declares China Outbreak A Public Health Epidemic Of International Concern, Its Highest Level Of Emergency; Italy Halts All Flight Traffic From China; In Chicago, First U.S. Human To Human Transfer Confirmed; Almost A Score Of Countries Are Now Infected;

WHO Secretary General Dr. Tedros Of Ethiopia Kow-Tows To Xi On Real Issues Of Chinese Coverup And Bungling Of Response To Epidemic; Call It The “Belt And Road Pandemic”; China’s Infamous “Wet Markets” Stocked With Exotic Live Animals Including Bats And Civet Cats Are A Menace To Humanity And Must Be Banned At Once!

American Airlines Pilots’ Union Demands Halt Of China Flights To U.S.; Trump Must Stop Appeasing Xi And Protect Americans; British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian And Other Carriers Stop China Service; Starbucks Closes 2,000 Coffee Shops;

Trump Launches New Attack On Low-Income Medicaid Beneficiaries By Downgrading Benefits From Entitlement To Block Grant Status: States Would Be Given A Fixed Sum Of Money And Told To Make Do Until Cash Runs Out, Regardless Of Need; 

Bureaucratic Point Person Is Seema Verma, A Veteran Of Pence’s Pro-Austerity Wrecking Operation Against Medicaid In Indiana; Verma’s Demand For Slave Labor From Medicaid Recipients Has Caused Chaos In Arkansas; She Demanded $43,000 For Her Lost Jewelry; 

Along With Backing For Multi-State Lawsuit To Destroy Obamacare And Onrushing Bid To Privatize The Postal Service, Block Grants Are Another Step In Total Betrayal Of Trump’s 2016 Election Promises; Great Britain Leaps Into Brexit Abyss Friday Night; Senate Will Vote On Witnesses Friday: Will GOP Lockstep Hold?