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Jan 2020

January 29, 2020

January 30, 2020

Pressure For Fair Trial With Witnesses And Documents Building Towards Possible Friday Vote; Feeble Sen. Corey Gardner Lashes Himself To Wreck Of Trump Administration; Rep. Engel Reveals That Bolton Called Him On September 23 To Blow Whistle On Firing Of Ambassador Yovanovich; Netanyahu Indictments Show Don His Future;

Chinese Public Condemns The New Chernobyl Wrought By Bungling, Incompetent Tyrants Of Xi Regime, Sending Censors Into Frenzy; Communist Party Rule May Be Tottering!; World Press Trumpets Victory Of Huawei Boss Ren Over Loser Don!

Majority Of Britons Still Love Freedom, Reject Barbarian Yoke: Daily Telegraph Poll Shows 43% Of UK Voters Don’t Want Huawei To Build 5G Communications, While Only 14% Accept Huawei;

The Fens On The Thames: Top Officials Of David Cameron Who Set Up Suicidal Brexit Referendum Are Now Top Executives And Board Members Of Huawei UK; 

Voices In Congress Warns Against China’s Technology Theft Imperialism: Reps. Ruben Gallego, Connolly, Turner, Banks, and Sen. Warner Ask UK To Reconsider Unwise Step; Gallego Warns That Huawei Would Blind One Of The Five Eyes;

Trump To Make Special Personal Appeal To BoJo When He Comes Begging For Sweetheart Fast-Track Trade Deal With U.S.; No Trade Concessions For Satellites Of Beijing!; No Second Term For Losing Britain!

Repo Injections Set To Continue Into May; Yield Curve Inverts For First Time Since October; Press Quiz Powell On Repo Crisis; Boeing Posts First Quarterly Loss Since 1997-