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Jan 2020

January 28, 2020

January 29, 2020

Breaking: Moscow Mitch Admits He Lacks Votes As Of Tuesday Evening To Ban Witnesses And End Trump’s Impeachment Trial; GOP Contortions To Prevent Senate And Public From Seeing Bolton’s Notes, Manuscript, Galley Proofs, And Book, Which Is Scheduled For Mid-March Publication; GOP Attack Machine Starts Attempted Takedown Of Bolton, But Former White House Chief Gen. Kelly USMC Says He Trusts Bolton Over Trump; 75% Of Americans Want To Hear Witness Testimony; Pro-Trump Diehards Spout Dershowitz Line That Abuse Of Power Does Not Exist And No Allegations Rise To Level Of Impeachment!

Who Lost Britain? Brexit Perfidy Comes Home To Roost On Trump’s Watch As BoJo Regime Opts To Install Huawei 5G; House Should Pass Banks Bill Ending Intelligence Sharing With Nations That Kow-Tow To Beijing Totalitarians; BoJo Begging For Sweetheart Trade Deal, Which Must Be Blocked; 

Warnings On Wall Street That New Lehman Brothers Moment May Be Approaching Because Of Pollyanna View Of Coronavirus, Which Is Spreading Much Faster Than Xi Reports;

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst Broadly Hints That Entire Ukraine Caper Aimed At Smearing Biden, Not Fighting Corruption In Kiev!