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Jan 2020

January 27, 2020

January 28, 2020

Bolton’s Long-Awaited Book Manuscript Contains Eyewitness Account Of Trump’s Linking Denial Of Aid To Kiev’s Reluctance To Proclaim Witch Hunt Against Bidens; Schumer And House Managers Demand That Former NSC Boss Be Called; Romney Sees It “Increasingly Likely” That Witnesses Will Be Called; Manchin, Collins, Murkowski, And Alexander Could Vote For Fair Trial;

White House Readies Fanatical Defense Out Of Fear That Any Witness Could Open The Floodgates Against Trump; Disgraced Ken Starr, Who Thinks Clinton’s Hanky-Panky With Monica Lewinsky Was A Greater Danger Than Selling Out Ukraine And Its 45 Million People, Argues That Runaway House Denied Due Process To Scofflaw Trump; Sekulow Indignant About Pelosi’s Pens; Pettifogging Dershowitz Takes Over For Prime Time;

Markets Fall On Worries About Coronavirus Pandemic And Growing Likelihood Of Witnesses In Trump Trial; Dow Has Worst Day Since October And Goes Negative For 2020; Fed Ponzi Scheme Has Now Pumped $6.6 Trillion Into Repo Market, Compared With $4.5 Trillion U.S. Federal Budget; $50 Billion Disbursed Today Alone!

Veterans Of Foreign Wars Slam Trump For Trivializing Concussions Suffered By U.S. Personnel In Iraq As “Headaches”; “Fox And Friends” Shields Tenant Of Oval Against His Own Wretched Poll Numbers!