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Jan 2020

January 25, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

January 25, 2020

Senate Must Subpoena Trump For Impeachment Trial; If Bolton Has Written A Book, The Manuscript And Galley Proofs Should Be Subpoenaed; If Senators Are Too Cowardly, House Committees Can Issue Subpoenas; Nadler’s Prophetic Words On Trump: “He Is A Dictator. This Must Not Stand!”

Dictator Xi Warns That Spread Of Wuhan Coronavirus Is Accelerating, With 42 Deaths And 1,400 Cases, A Fraction Of Current Toll; U.S. Evacuating Citizens From Wuhan Region; 

In UK, BoJo’s Chinese Puppet State Getting Ready For Post-Brexit, With Official Calls To Buy Tainted Huawei 5G Technology And Cooperate Less With U.S.;

Tape Depicts Trump Getting Advice From His Then-Myrmidon Lev Parnas About Need To Fire Ambassador Yovanovich; “Take Her Out!” Was Don’s Command!

The Stable Genius Went To Pentagon In July 2017 To Vilify U.S. Command As “Dopes And Babies”; Pushback Came From Tillerson, Who Was Soon Fired!

Breaking: Trump Mouthpieces Deliver Two Meager Hours Of Pettifogging And Gaslighting, Peddling Paranoid Theory Of Attack By Ukraine On U.S. 2016 Election; More Scurrilous Lies From Cipollone, Who Claims Trump Froze Ukraine Aid To Demand Burden Sharing From Europe; But EU Member States Have Given Ukraine $16.4 (€15 Billion) Over Five Years, About Four Times The Aid Given By U.S.; Lying Is Basis For Disbarment; Amb. Sondland Was Never Tasked With Demanding More Cash From EU; Projection Is Essence Of Trump’s Orwellian Method!