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Jan 2020

January 23, 2020

January 24, 2020

Number Of Americans Demanding Witnesses At Impeachment Trial Climbs To 72%; Trump Goes Berserk With New All-Time Record Of 140 Tweets in 24 Hours; GOP Defense Lawyers Are Feckless And Pathetic; But Don May Cut Them Short And Try For Dismissal Before Senators Can Submit Questions!

Trump Betrays His Most Devoted Followers, Announces New Push To Privatize United States Postal Service (USPS), Followed By Asset Stripping With Reduced Service, Higher Prices, End Of Deliveries To Your Doorstep, And Layoffs; Move Is Death Sentence For Rural America And Farmers; Rates Will Rise To Fedex Level; Cut In Weekly Deliveries Will Cause Needless Deaths Among The Elderly Waiting For Mail Order Prescriptions; USPS Takes No Tax Money, Is Mandated By Constitution, Was Founded By Benjamin Franklin; Mr. Republican Denny Hastert Tried To Cripple Agency By Ordering Pre-Payment Of Decades Of Health Care And Retirement Costs; Lucky Buyer Will Now Loot That Cash Hoard; Was Decision Made At Mar-A-Lago Plutocrats’ Bar?; Another Reason To Oust Trump!

Brexit Treachery On Parade: British Civil Servants Recommend That London Buy Huawei Trojan Horse Equipment For Coming 5G Networks; Timely Bill From Rep. Banks Would Cut Intelligence Sharing With Any Nation That Buys Huawei; Germany Also Reported To Be Wavering: But New EU Policy Allows Member States To Ban Foreign Companies At Will; Madame Meng, Daughter Of Huawei Founder Ren, Pleads To Dodge Extradition From Canada To U.S.; She Is Charged With Bank Fraud; A Dozen Actors Hired To Support Her; 

Chinese Coronavirus Metastasizes Across Globe; 20 Million In Wuhan Area Quarantined; Huawei Calls Off Key Conference; WHO Stalls On Declaring World Emergency; How Long Has Beijing Been Lying About Mounting Death Toll?