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Jan 2020

January 22, 2020

January 23, 2020

GOP Senators Choose The Dishonor Of Serving As Trump’s Rubber Stamp Toadies Over Loyalty To Constitution; All House Requests For Witnesses, Documents, And Process Reforms Are Rejected; House Managers Present Case This Week, With Key Vote On Fair Trial Likely Next Wednesday; 

At Davos, Trump Spews More Fake Rhetoric About His Non-Existent Economic Success; His Claims For Job Creation, Real Wage Growth, GDP, Pollution, And Trade Deficit Are Vastly Exaggerated; Most Reporters Are Busy Swooning For Greta And Don’t Care;

Kudlow Finally Admits That Federal Reserve Has Launched Quantitative Easing Four; Trump Crows That Working Class Assets Have Risen By 47% Under His Regime In “Blue Collar Boom” – From 1.1% Of U.S. Wealth To 1.6%!; Global Banks Becoming More Dependent On Drugged And Subsidized Repo Markets; 

Why U.S Unemployment Statistics Are Inherently Unreliable: Ignoring Labor Market Dropouts And Underemployed Has Made 30 Million Jobless Disappear During Decade Before 2020; 

Fears About January 31 Brexit Insanity, Boeing’s Earnings Report, And Wuhan Coronavirus Quarantine Bring Danger Of Financial Turbulence As Year Of The Rat Is At Hand!