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Jan 2020

January 21, 2020

January 22, 2020

Moscow Mitch Forced To Retreat From His Draconian Two Days Per Side Demand For Trump’s Senate Trial, Now Conceding Three Eight-Hour Days To Democrats And Trumpers; Desperately Unpopular Collins Claims Credit For Shift, But Keeps Voting With Mitch; Cipollone’s Debut Reveals Pettifogging Methods Of Obscurantism And Distortions: He Claims GOP Was Wholly Excluded From Depositions In Skif, Despite Presence Of Scores Of Republicans; His Teammate Purpura Misstates When Ukraine Realized Trump Was Ripping Them Off; GOP Phalanx Of 53 Senators Votes Against Documents From National Security Council, From State Department, From Office Of Management And Budget, With Pentagon Next; GOP Also Rejects Calling Mulvaney As Witness; Schiff Argues “A Vote To Delay Is A Vote To Deny,” With Mitch Planning To Switch From “It’s Too Early” To “It’s Too Late”; 

After Three Years Of American Carnage, Rucker And Leonnig’s “A Very Stable Genius” Shows Trump Was Not Concerned About Corruption, But Wanted To Abolish The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act’s Ban On Bribing Foreigners Despite Skepticism Of Tillerson And Even Miller; “I Swore An Oath To The Constitution. I Didn’t Swear An Oath To This Jackass,” Said One Officer; Trump Emerges As A “Danger To The Country,” “Completely Crazy, “Totally Ignorant,” “Not Interested,” And “Lying”-