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Jan 2020

January 20, 2020

January 21, 2020

Senate Trial Of Trump Starts Tuesday At 1pm; Time For Maximum Pressure On Senate Offices To Tell Senators They Must Support Amendments To Defy Trump-McConnell Whitewash; Schumer Pledges To Force Roll-Call Votes;

Moscow Mitch Reveals Plan To Railroad Verdict Of Innocent: Each Side To Get 24 Hours Over Two Days To Argue Their Case Starting At 1pm Wednesday; Then Come Sixteen Hours Of Questions From Senators; This To Be Followed By Two Hours Of Legal Arguments From Each Side; Only Then Can Witnesses And Documents Be Requested, Or Else Final Vote; Mitch Violates Clinton Model;

Dershowitz, Joining Trump Defense, Raves That Abuse Of Power Does Not Exist, An Obvious And Anti-Historical Ploy To Avoid Calling Witnesses; He Also Claims That Benjamin Curtis, Lead Lawyer For Andrew Johnson In 1868, Proved That A Statutory Violation Is Necessary For Impeachment; Ken Starr Also On Board: He Was Forced Out As President Of Baylor In Waco, Texas, For Mishandling Sexual Misconduct Scandal; Trump Finds New Ways To Antagonize Women!

Breaking: In Richmond, March Of Gun Fanatics Kept Non-Violent Only Because Of Pre-Emptive Actions By Federal And State Authorities, With Seven Terrorist Suspects Arrested Days In Advance; I Have A Dream Of A Boogaloo [Race War], Raves One Extremist!