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Jan 2020

January 16, 2020

January 17, 2020

At Long Last, Impeachment Trial Of One Donald John Trump Begins In United States Senate; GOP Hypocrites Pledge Impartiality As Chief Justice Roberts Of Federalist Society Swears in Senators; Opening Statements Set For Tuesday At 1pm; Tell #MoscowMitch & Co. A Trial Without Witnesses Is A Coverup!

In Blockbuster Interview, Former Giuliani Operative Lev Parnas Asserts That Trump “Knew Exactly What Was Going On” In Ukraine Extortion Caper; Parnas Says He Did Nothing Without Permission From Don And Rudi; Parnas Delivered Harsh Demand For Anti-Biden Actions To Top Zelensky Official; Pence Called Off Visit The Next Day When Ukraine Did Not Play Ball;

Parnas Revelations Implicate Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Barr, And Nunes; Pelosi Slams Barr As “Rogue Attorney General” Who Will Never Name Special Counsel To Investigate His Own Misdeeds, Suggesting Need For His Impeachment; In New York Times Interview, Parnas Details Giuliani-Trump Scheme To Let Him Operate Under Attorney-Client Privilege;

Schumer Repeats Demand For Witnesses, Starting With Bolton, Mulvaney, Duffey, and Blair; Government Accountability Office (GAO) Finds Trump White House Guilty Of Anti-Impoundment Act Violations In Freezing Support To Kiev; Tax Wall Street Party: Pence And Barr Must Resign Or Face Special Counsels!