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Jan 2020

January 15, 2020

January 16, 2020

Pelosi Appoints Seven Impeachment Managers And Sends Articles Across The Capitol To Senate; Churlish Moscow Mitch Tells Them To Come Back At Noon On Thursday To Exhibit Charges!

Exhibit A For Demanding Witnesses And Documents In Trump’s Senate Trial Now Provided By Lev Parnas; His Voluminous Docs Show Giuliani Asked To Meet Zelensky of Ukraine As Trump’s Personal Envoy With Don’s Explicit Knowledge And Consent; Emails Show Highly Suspicious Surveillance Of U.S. Ambassador Yovanovich; Parnas Media Appearance Set For Wednesday Evening;

In Hollow Public Relations Ploy, Trump Signs Meaningless “Phase One” Agreement With Communist China; Deal Promises To Freeze Existing Tariffs And Grant Truce To Stockjobbers; But Chinese Pledges To Buy U.S. Products Cannot Be Verified Or Enforced; Much Skepticism Among Iowa Farmers That Purchases Will Occur; 

Putin Fires Medvedev And Entire Cabinet; Is He Preparing To Perpetuate His Dictatorship Despite Term Limits By Taking Over As Prime Minister While Relegating Presidency To Ceremonial Functions, As In Germany And Italy?

Democratic Debate Fails Miserably To Tackle Issue Of $6 Trillion Repo Bailout Of Wall Street By New York Fed; No Mention Of Federal Reserve In Dem Debate During Current Cycle; Instead, Bernie And Warren Focus On Asinine Personal Feud; Klobuchar And Buttigieg Demand Fiscal Austerity To Pay Down Debt; Mayor Pete Thinks Not Everyone Needs To Attend College; Klobuchar Wants Carbon Tax On Working People, Acknowledges Some Will Be “Hurt”; Steyer Puts His Green Values Over Workers!