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Jan 2020

January 14, 2020

January 15, 2020

House Democrats Will Send Impeachment Articles To Senate Wednesday, Martin Luther King’s Birthday; Anti-Trump Position Stronger Thanks To 3-Week Pelosi Pause: Add Lev Parnas To The Witness List; Speaker Wonders About Moscow Mitch’s Kremlin Connections!

Pro-Trump Lockstep Collapses Among Senate Republicans; White House Demand For Immediate Dismissal Of Charges Gets Nowhere; Plausible Trial Will Require Witnesses Earlier Blocked By Trump; Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Gardner, And Alexander Must Back Demand For New Testimony; Cipollone And Sekulow, But Not Giuliani, Expected Among Defenders; Door Opening To Damaging New Revelations Which Can Force Trump’s Resignation!

NY Fed’s Repo Facility Oversubscribed On Tuesday As Extension Of Liquidity Injections Into February Is Announced; Democratic Candidates At Tonight’s Debate Must Denounce This Illegal $6 Trillion Backdoor Bailout Of Wall Street Zombie Bankers, All Designed To Preserve Trump Bubble And Help Secure His Re-Election!

Mnuchin Claims Chinese Trade Rep Will Sign Mysterious “Phase One” Trade Deal Wednesday; Markets Spooked By Report That Tariffs Will Continue Through November; Most Key Issues Fudged In Don’s Mad Dash To Appeasement;

UK, France, Germany Demand Iran Respect JCPOA Under Threat Of Snap-Back Sanctions!