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Jan 2020

January 13, 2020

January 14, 2020

Repo Kiting On Wall Street -- With Connivance Of Federal Reserve?

New York Fed Has Pumped $6 Trillion Into Collapsing New York Repo Market, Creating Permanent Addiction To Low-Interest Cash; Doubtful That Overnight And Short Term Repurchase Agreements Have Been Paid Back: More Likely Many Repos Have Been Rolled Over Using New Borrowing!

Fed’s Stealth Bailout Lets Interest Rates Be Kept Artificially Low In Service Of Trump Bubble And Trump’s Re-Election Campaign; Corporate Media Provide Smokescreen For Colossal Swindle!

At Tuesday’s Democratic Debate, Candidates Like Sanders And Warren Have Special Responsibility To Expose Repo Corruption And Pledge To End It; Their Silence Will Be Seen As Complicity; Bloomberg Pledges Up To $1 Billion To Stop Trump, But Beware His China Card!

Impeachment Articles Set To GoTo Senate After Democratic Caucus Meeting On Tuesday, With Trial Starting Within A Week; Will Moscow Mitch aka The Grim Reaper Become Mortician For GOP?

66% Want Bolton To Testify In Senate Trial, Including 40% Of Republicans; Iowa Polls Show Four-Way Tie!