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Jan 2020

January 9, 2020

January 10, 2020

January Shaping Up As Crisis Month Of Iran, Kim, And Brexit: In Final House Of Commons Vote, BoJo’s January 31 Brexit Plan Is Approved By 330-231; Grave Danger Of Severe Shocks And Dislocations To World Finance; Worst Case Includes Triggering Of Systemic Crisis; EU Negotiator Barnier Warns There Is No Time To Re-Write 600 Agreements Between UK And EU; BoJo Retains Option For No Deal Catastrophic Brexit In Late December If All Trade Treaties With Brussels Have Not Been Completed!

Backed By Most Predatory City Of London Bankers, Brexit Spells Crisis For Western Alliance In Face Of Russo-Chinese Threat; Turbulence From Falkland Islands To Gibraltar; If Scotland And Northern Ireland Dump Their Union With England, Will Power-Hungry BoJo Respond With Coercion?

U.S. And Canada Accuse Iran Of Downing Ukrainian Airliner In Midst Of Missile Exchange; Iran Denies It;

9,300 Stores Closed In Trump’s 2019 Retail Apocalypse; World Bank Says U.S. GDP Will Stay Below 2%, Points To Global Debt Crisis; S&P 500 P/E Ratio Is Most Bloated Ever; Fed Inflating Stock Market Bubble Using Repo And Quantitative Easing Injections; Wall Street Already Addicted!