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Jan 2020

January 8, 2020

January 9, 2020

Iran Retaliation For Suleimani Slaying Stops After Two Dozen Missiles Against U.S. Forces In Iraq; Pentagon Confirms No Casualties Among U.S., Iraqi, And Coalition Forces; “Fierce Revenge” Amounts To A Pinprick; Tehran Media Still Claiming Scores Of U.S. Dead; Pause In Escalation Offers Golden Opportunity To Re-Start Diplomacy By Unilaterally Lifting Some Sanctions On Food, Pharmaceuticals, And Other Embargoes That Torment Iranian Working People;

Trump’s Pompous Speech Goes In Wrong Direction, Unrealistically Demanding More Economic Sanctions And Expanded Role For NATO In Iraq, All Set In Context Of 58 Sniffles, Slurred Speech, And Ignorant Malapropisms!

Trump’s #WagTheDog Operation Designed To Help His Own Sagging Political Fortunes At Cost Of Ousting U.S. And Allies From Iraq, Ending Of Anti-ISIS Counterinsurgency Mission, And Giving Free Rein To Iran Nuclear Program; 

Too Clever For His Own Good: Suleimani Cleverly Deflected Mass Rage In Iran To Lebanon Corridor Against His Own Alliances And Clerical Misrule; Iraq’s Tishreen Intifada (“October Revolution”) Was Turned Away From Iran And Against U.S.; Two Prime Ministers Toppled, But Suleimani Fell Victim To His Own Success;

The Ukrainian Airliner: Was It Downed By An Errant Iranian Missile?; Two Rockets Hit Baghdad Green Zone, Triggering 150-Point Drop In Dow In Ten Minutes!