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Jan 2020

January 7, 2020

January 8, 2020

Pentagon Says Iran Launches A Dozen Missiles From Own Territory Against U.S. And Coalition Forces On Sadr And Erbil Iraqi Bases; Second Attack Wave Announced, But No Further Action Signaled; Responsibility Claimed By Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps; Attack Came At About 5:30 PM EST Tuesday; 

Tehran Media Claim Extravagant U.S. Casualties, But No American Fatalities Have Been Confirmed So Far; Limited Scope Of Response Up To Now May Reflect Cooler Heads In Tehran; No Actions Reported Against Shipping Through Hormuz, No Attack On Israel, And No International Terrorism; All Good Reasons For Trump NOT To Retaliate; U.S. Government Must Restrain Madman In White House; No Legitimate Casus Belli Exists; Will Iraqis Resent This Attack On Their Military?; Time For Macron And Abe To Provide Diplomatic Good Offices!; 

Chaos And Confusion In Trump Regime Reaching New Theoretical Maximum; Don Spews Tidal Wave Of Provocations About Cultural Sites, Compensation For Iraqi Bases, And Toggles Back And Forth About Leaving Iraq; Bedlam Infects Military, With Letter Mistakenly Sent To Baghdad Government Announcing Departure And Accepted By Lame Duck Premier;

Pelosi Needed To Cut Military Funding For Iraq War In 2007, But She Caved To Bush-Petraeus Surge; Will She Act Now To De-Fund Trump’s Aggression?