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Jan 2020

January 4, 2020 WCR

January 4, 2020

Broad Political Backlash Against Trump’s Reckless Actions Leading To Heightened War Danger; #WagTheDog Scenario As Counter To Impeachment Trial Widely Discussed; No Support From UK, Germany, France For Suleimani Hit; BoJo Reported Livid London Was Not Warned In Advance Despite British Troops In Iraq; UK Defense Official Berates Trump For Acting “Like A Mafia Boss”;

Reuters Reports Suleimani Met Muhandis In October To Start Series of Provocations Using Iranian Weapons Designed To Elicit U.S. Military Retaliation; Goal Was To Get Pretext To Oust U.S. From Iraq; Trump Now Acting As Dupe Of This Strategy!

Iranian Leadership Reported Stunned By Trump’s Disproportional Response To Their Rocket Attacks On U.S. Base; Trump Evidently Practicing Nixon-Kissinger Madman Theory To Intimidate Adversaries; Iran Well Advised To Delay Retaliation Until After Trump’s Departure, Now A Matter Of Months;

Last Days Of Trump Bubble, With U.S. Stock Prices Rising To Unrealistic Levels And S&P 500 Price-Earnings Ratio Over 28; Markets Now Vulnerable To Three Big Shocks During Month Of January: Iran Crisis At Beginning, Kim’s Strategic Surprise Around Mid-Month, And Brexit Chaos At End!