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Jan 2020

January 2, 2020

January 3, 2020

As Drugged Markets Hit New Highs, Federal Reserve Openly Functioning As Trump’s Personal Plunge Protection Team To Prepare For November; S&P 500 Companies Now In Official Bubble Territory With Price-Earnings Ratio Exceeding Critical 28 Level; 

On First Business Day Of New Year, Fed Pumps $57 Billion More Into Repo Markets; $500 Billion Of Year-End Liquidity Announced Previously; Daily Cash Injections Occurring Daily Since Mid-September; Forbes Magazine Reports Rumors That Money Is Being Used To Rescue An Insolvent Bank; A “Mid-Sized Japanese Bank” Possibly At Center Of Crisis; Other Reports Suggest That Japanese Banks Suffering Revenue Loss Under Negative Interest Rates (NIRP) Have Turned To Very Risky Interest-Bearing Debt; Australian Stocks Fall On Investor Worries About U.S. Repo Crisis; Unpredictable Shocks Like Brexit, North Korea, and Iran Could Trigger Systemic Crisis; Emails Show Pentagon Knew Ukraine Aid Freeze Ordered By Trump Was Illegal; 

Breaking: Iraq Television Reports Iranian Quds Force Commander Gen. Kassem Suleimani And Militia Leader Slain In Air Strike At Baghdad Airport; Be Careful With Attribution!