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Jan 2020

December 31, 2019

January 1, 2020

Suspicion Rising After Trump And Pompeo Choose To Attack Iranian Forces In Iraq, Opening Door To Backlash By Pro-Iranian Shiite Militias Now Attacking U.S. Embassy; Violation Of Iraqi Sovereignty Leads To Crisis In Relations With Baghdad; If Goal Was To Strike Iranian Assets, Why Not Do So In Syria, Where There Are No Diplomatic Ties To Ruin?; Answer May Lie In Kremlin; Return To JCPOA, End Of Sanctions Urgent; Trump Gang Structurally Incapable Of Real Diplomacy; Troika Of Bibi, MBS, And Boy Wonder Kushner Moving Region Towards War; Removal Of Trump Is Prerequisite For Peace!

As Putin Marks 20th Anniversary Of Moscow Apartment Bombings That Helped Him Seize Power From Yeltsin, He Casts Eyes On Belarus: Takeover Of Minsk By Moscow Could Be Spun As New Country, Bypassing Current Term Limits And Letting Putin Rule Go On; Acquiring Belarus Would Give Russia Border With Poland And Lithuania, With Option To Link Up With Kaliningrad Exclave, Cutting Off Baltic States From Rest Of NATO!

Historical Gaslighting: Putin Denies War Guilt Of 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact, Advances Absurd Claim That Poland Started World War Two!