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Dec 2019

December 30, 2019

December 31, 2019

Trump Wag The Dog Scenario Launched With Five U.S. Attacks On Hezbollah Subsidiaries In Iraq And Syria, Followed By Jihadi Retaliation; Failure To Consult Baghdad In Advance Needlessly Humiliates Friendly Government; U.S. AFRICOM Strikes Jihadis In Somalia; Corporate Media Silent On Suspicious Provocations Coming During Impeachment Crisis!

An Attempted Thermidor In Struggle To Oust Trump: Washington Post, New York Times, NBC News Posture As New Committee Of Public Safety In Defense Of Truth – But These News Organizations Destroyed Public Trust By Letting Neocons Invade Iraq In Search Of WMD; That Inflicted The Imbecilic Hillary Clinton Email Scandal On Public; Concealed The FBI Probe Of Trump Campaign; And Are Now Falsifying History With 1619 Project; Chuck Todd Confessed To Getting Duped By GOP Mind Benders; Total Ideological Homogeneity Demanded; Are They Helping Or Hurting Trump?

Putin’s Propaganda Closely Linked To Centuries-Old Byzantine Irrationalism; Current Version Owes Much To Cynical Nihilism Of Nineteenth Century; Hesychasm’s Mystical Goal Of The Cloud Of Unknowing Shares Much With Kremlin’s Propaganda