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Dec 2019

December 28, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

December 28, 2019

In The Season Of Charity, Democratic Candidates Must Stress Need To Defeat Republican Assault On Obamacare (ACA); Trump Demanding End To Medicaid Expansion, Ten Essential Medical Benefits, And Ban On Discrimination Against Pre-Existing Conditions; Recent Split Decision By Fifth Circuit Striking Down Individual Mandate Shows Grave Danger; Trump And Barr Want Packed Supreme Court To Follow Crackpot Texas Ruling Ending Entire Law; Partial Insolvency Of Medicare Due Midway Through Twenties; But Dem Debates Are Mired In Unreality Of Ultra-Left Bidding War Over Single Payer; 

Corporate Media Pushing Big Lie Of Trump’s “Booming Economy”; Wall Street Bubble Depends On Stock Buy-Backs Funded By 2017 GOP Tax Scam; Yearend Fed Injection Of $500 Billion In to Repo Market Is Basis Of New Highs; Doctored Unemployment Statistics Hide Labor Force Participation Of Just 63%, Suggesting Real Jobless Above 20%; Any January Wage Hikes Will Come Thanks To Fight For Fifteen By Unions, Not GOP Largesse; The Strange Case Of Medicare-Medicaid Administrator Seema Verma, Pence’s Austerity Enforcer Who Wants Taxpayers To Replace Her Lost Jewels!

Marking The Biblical Slaughter Of The Innocents: The New Herod In The White House And His Atrocities Against Children From Central American To Kurdistan!